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We understand that at different key stages of your business development you will have different legal needs. Our online legal document service is here to help you address those needs with confidence.


We recognise that not all business owners know the risk they undertake in the running of their daily business. The documents you use may or may not be enforceable by law and you run the risk that when something goes wrong you are left with an uphill task of enforcing your rights.

Our online legal document services for business is designed to reduce some of this uncertainty and give you confidence that at the very least your documents are legally enforceable. We offer a wide range of relevant business document templates that you can use in the course of doing business.

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Starting a business is tough. Let us help you on your journey without worrying about whether your legal document templates are legally valid.

Whether you want to protect your ideas, set up a partnership, collaborate or establish your website policies, you can rely on our legal document templates to help you when you are just starting out in business.

Browse through our business document library for templates commonly used that suit startups like yours.

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A successful business manages their human resource and employment matters well. However, dealing with human resource and employment matters is not an easy task as there are many legal considerations that a business must take into account. Ensuring that you do not breach employment laws and other employee related regulations is crucial to being a successful employer and more importantly, avoid contentious matters that may bring about litigation.

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Check out your business legal health to protect its assets and reputation.

Our quick online questionnaire will tell you if your business is at risk in a number of ways including financial claim exposure and potential shareholder disputes.

Once your risk areas are identified, use our DIY legal templates to help you minimise those risks affordably, at a much lower cost than using a traditional law firm. For extra peace-of-mind, you have the option of having qualified legal specialists review your documents.

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Our Business Law Guide contains resources to help you understand the legal jargon that you may come across when running your business. Whether it is confidential agreements or debt recovery we have the resources that help you understand these subjects, and direct you to the relevant documents in our library that will help you resolve the issue.

Navigate to an area of law that interest you to find out more, and click on the topics to gain a deeper understanding.

Looking for Personal Law Guide? Click 'Personal Guide' button below.

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