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Shakeup Online is a provider of technology-enabled professional services. We provide small-medium businesses, startups and individuals with access to easy-to-use, quality, efficient and affordable professional services online, and help corporate enterprises drive efficiencies and reduce costs through technology-enabled business solutions.


We are an affiliate of Singapore-based ZICO Holdings Inc., the market leader in ASEAN for providing integrated multidisciplinary professional services.

With a service footprint in all ASEAN countries, ShakeUp partners with ZICO Group to seamlessly integrate digital technologies with their current suite of legal and professional services to deliver product and service innovation to our customers.

Through this model, we provide a comprehensive range of disruptive and innovative services and practical solutions for any complex business requirements of large corporates, and day-to-day legal needs of small businesses and individuals.


Our mission is clear and simple: "Business Made Easy". We aim to transform the way in which legal and professional services are delivered and consumed by you.

We make access to quality legal services easy, affordable and accessible for small-medium businesses by offering easy-to-use, quality, efficient and compliant legal document services online. Our online legal document services can be white-labelled by organisations and affinity groups wishing to provide added-value to their customers or members.

We also help corporate enterprises drive efficiencies and cost effectiveness through our “end-to-end” solution that integrates intelligent document automation technology with process optimization for legal document authoring, review, generation and management.


Our online legal document services and document automation solutions are powered by Epoq Legal’s innovative and proven document assembly automation platform called Rapidocs®. Epoq is one of the world’s largest providers of online and assisted legal services.

The Rapidocs® technology simplifies and automates the process of creating complex legal documents. Documents prepared by users in Rapidocs® are instantly customised for their circumstances using built-in pre-programmed lawyer-logics. This essentially strips away unnecessary time and costs associated with traditional legal service delivery.

For more information about the technology that powers our online legal document services and document automation solutions, please visit EPOQ Legal at

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Selangor, Malaysia

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